Author's support
Author's supervision or author's support of a design project is control of repair work by the designer
How do we conduct architectural supervision at StudioF?

The designer comes to renovate the apartment once a week and looks at how the renovation is going, how the team is working, whether they are doing everything according to the project, are there any questions. That is, he keeps the process under control, so that for the customers (apartment owners), the repair takes place without a "headache" and the result of the repair is fully consistent with the project.
What does field supervision include?
Designer visits to the object (at least 4 times a month)
Consultation of the repair team, communication with the foreman and other workers
Consulting customers on all issues of interior design and further progress of the renovation
On the part of the designer, control of repair work on the design project
Making adjustments during the implementation of the design project
Supplementing working documentation
Making edits to the drawing documentation due to changes in dimensions after dismantling / installing partitions, leveling floors, walls and ceilings
By prior arrangement: Assistance with the purchase and delivery of finishing materials and furniture, communication with suppliers, Discussion of measurements of goods in case of marriage, acceptance and verification of goods at the facility. Calculation of new finishing materials, coordination of the delivery time of materials.
What does field supervision NOT include?
Payment for construction, consumables or other materials for repair
Purchase of furniture or interior elements, decor items at the expense of the designer's personal funds
The responsibility of the designer to the owners (customers) for unfair attitude to work on the part of builders and / or suppliers (third parties) of materials or services
Reception by the designer of hidden works, as well as the technology of construction and finishing works (the foreman's area of responsibility).
Rechecking by the designer of the dimensions of ceiling and other mounted structures (walls, furniture, gypsum board structures, niches, tile laying, etc.) assembled by third parties.
Recalculation of billed stores
Will the designer control deviations from the project?
There are three types of corrections during the renovation: On the initiative of the apartment owners, an error of the repair team due to the circumstances during the renovation. In this case, the designer will certainly make adjustments to the drawings, give edits with new dimensions.
Why can I rely on your StudioF company?
Maintenance during the repair is a rather laborious task. It is required to take into account a lot of factors, coordinate the actions of all participants in the repair, make sure that everything is on time, of high quality and beautiful, because we are doing repairs for 10-15 years.

Each StudioF designer with soul and love decorates the space, offers you the best solution. To get a beautiful interior, the way you want, and the renovation went without a headache.
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