Design project
Check out an example of a design project. What we give in the project, what result will you get as a result of working with us.
Why do you need an interior design project? Brigade drawings
You will have all the blueprints for the repair that the repair team will use to do the work. Without drawings, they will constantly ask where to draw conclusions for sockets, etc. All this is in the drawings.
Format of work on an interior design project
The project is created for your family. Meeting with the designer, communication and preparation of technical specifications
Planning solution
You will have several layouts. Upon completion of the stage, we will agree on one final option
Selection of materials and furniture
All materials in the project are real. They can be bought in city shops or ordered. We will choose and agree on the budget with you
3d visualization
You will have photographs of the future interior with the chosen layout and finishing materials
We will give a complete set of drawings for your specific repair, including all plans, sweeps and sections
You will have tables indicating the article, name and calculation of the necessary finishing materials
The project is ready, the beginning of the renovation!
At the stage of repair, author's support and equipment
Choice of finishing materials In our projects, only real materials. The designer selects them for you and coordinates with you. In the photo of the interior there is real furniture, then you can buy all this in the shops of the city at adequate prices.
Can you do not the whole project, but a part?
There are several blocks that are reflected in the project. The first two can be done independently of each other, 3 and 4 without the first two - no
Planning solution
Can be done separately
You will have:
- measurement plan
- plan with furniture arrangement
- installation / dismantling plan
Selection and calculation of finishing materials
Can be done separately
This is called bundling. The designer will select finishing materials and furniture, as well as help to order.
3d visualization and drawings are not given
3d visualization
Can't be done
3d shows:
2.decorating materials
If we have not chosen this and you cannot give a clear task, then there is no point in making a picture. The repair cannot be done according to the picture
Repair drawings
Can't be done
To make high-quality drawings, you need:
1. to select finishing materials and furniture
2. make a planning solution
Without the first two steps, it is impossible to give all the drawing documentation.
Calculation and control. All finishing materials and furniture are considered in the project, we give links to suppliers. The designer controls the progress of the repair, communicates with the team.
How do I get to the first step?
Let's get down to business! Tell us - what are we going to do? In the fields of the form, you can ask any questions about the work on the project, the interior designer will contact you
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